bill's self-portrait, 2015 (house needs some paint)

bill’s self-portrait, 2015
(house needs some paint)

william boyd fraser (bill) is a sculptor and unconventional thinker. beginning in 1987, bill has received ontario arts council grants for his making and teaching. now bill has completed university education to the point of a master of arts in contemporary art history. this common ground grouping of entries is comprised of two themes. the early entries explored the wilderness trope of henry thoreau’s experiential immersion into the realm of necessity and deliberate ‘living’ as a libertarian outside civilization’s perceived boundaries. thoreau sought to encounter the transcendent within the forest as one engaged in ordinary and primary existence. the conclusion of bill’s experiment with comparing art making within or upon the common ground of community, and the neologisms of identifying markers within the internet, represent two kinds of landscapes that tell stories describing different kinds of survival.

a second theme of artecology (july, 2015) has progressed into a web of holistic connections. a long list of connective categories includes, anarchical education, ecopsychology, environmental/human ecology, Indigenous teachings, philosophy, art and spiritual intelligence, neuroscience, libertarian ideals and economics sharing a transdiciplinary framework. the purpose of a postmodern dialogue that includes plural perspectives for problem solving, creating or reforming models is to suggest a new paradigm of method and practice for an education system. what is going to be a radical challenge in the next series of entries is questioning the way education socializes students into the role of worker. bill is talking back to the possibility of a colonization of thinking understood as an unsustainable and foreshortened vision incompatible with a harmonious co-existence of humans with the finite world of a living universe. the entries suggest a different way to think, educate and respond to being alive as skilled and capable persons belonging to, and accountable for, the well being of the earth and its populations of species.

  • artecology is the second theme of entries and can be accessed by the icon in the top right corner of the header

*to read the first postings, recent to oldest, scroll down to categories and use the icon common ground

*to read the postings in order from January 29th, 2013 to January 25, 2015 go to the header and use the icon chronological

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